Sara Filipova has a voice capable of both whispered intimacy and full-throated acrobatics, her compositions draw liberally from her experience in R&B, jazz, and classical music, but are close in spirit to great singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon. Accompanying herself at the piano, she reflects on the transience of life and the human condition; the result is an intimate, moving portrait of a young woman sung in her own words. Though often melancholy, a thread of optimism runs through the songs: there’s always a way forward, a way out. When it comes to facing our fears and moving on, Sara Filipova points the way.

In the last years Sara has been busy playing in places like Germany, Portugal, Slovakia, Bulgaria – where she introduced her EP in Bulgarian television (March 2019) – and at Chicago’s Theater at Wilson Abbey. She’s also played plenty of shows at home in Austria, including a live session for the Austrian radio station Ö1, part of its “Kuntsonntag” series. 2020, amidst lockdown, she was invited to take her spin on the song “Alone Together” for the radio series “ö1 Jazznacht" with drummer and producer Herbert Pirker, which she released in May 2020. She is curating the concert series "0816 Acoustic" at Loop Vienna, which has turned into a focal point for Austria's Singer-Songwriter-scene and is currently at work on her full-length album.

Vienna has found a powerful new voice in pianist and singer Sara Filipova. Her songs, sung in English and combining a singer-songwriterly aspect with a pop sensibility, are refreshingly direct and compact. Schmalz and sentimentality aren’t her thing; the songs get right to the point. Her energy is infectious, [...] and leaves the listener wanting just one more song.

Austrian Radio ö1 - Helmut Jasbar

Sara Filipova’s debut EP is an intimate and richly emotive selection of songs that are so raw and contemplate that you feel like you’re the only one in the room when you’re listening. The songs sink in and reveal new dimensions with each spin.

Ben Encanti Encantil

A powerhouse voice


Sara's songs have depth and everyone listening was waiting in suspense what would happen next. It's unique to experience an artist in doing what she loves, and who also has the courage to show her inner world.

Philipp Horwath

© Michelle Shiers 2018

© Michelle Shiers 2018